Learn about opting out
So you think you might want to opt out of your student benefit plan? Here are a few things to consider before you cancel your benefits coverage:

  • Is opting out your best option? Once you opt out, you can't change your mind. Your decision is permanent for the remainder of your current school year (meaning you can't rejoin the plan at a later date). However, if you lose your comparable coverage, contact the UWSA about opting back into the plan - certain restriction and fees may apply. Only full-time students, enrolled in 9 credit hours or more in a single term, are automatically on the health plan. If you are a part-time student (6 credit hours) you don't need to opt out.
  • You can only opt out of this plan if you have similar coverage under another benefit plan (and no, provincial health insurance doesn’t qualify).
  • Make sure you have enough coverage under another benefit plan (e.g., your parent’s plan), or else you may have to pay for drug, dental and other health care costs.
  • Understand what you are opting out of. Make an informed decision and check your current coverage by clicking My Current Coverage to link to your benefit booklet.
  • Before you opt out, look over your expenses for the last year and be sure you understand all of your options.
  • The opt-out process is not immediate. Your opt-out is effective once it has been processed following the end of the opt-out period.