Learn about opting out
So you think you might want to opt out of your student benefit plan? Here are a few things to consider before you cancel your benefits coverage:

  • Once you opt out, you can't change your mind. Your decision is permanent for the remainder of the current school year.
  • You can only opt out of this plan if you have similar coverage under another benefit plan (and no, provincial health insurance doesn’t qualify).
  • Make sure you have enough coverage under another benefit plan (e.g., your parent’s plan), or else you may have to pay for drug, dental and other health care costs.
  • Understand what you are opting out of. Make an informed decision and check your current coverage by clicking My Current Coverage to link to your benefit booklet.
  • Before you opt out, look over your expenses for the last year and be sure you understand all of your options.
  • The opt-out process is not immediate. Your opt-out is effective once it has been processed following the end of the opt-out period.